Astral released a Tesla Model 3/Y instrument cluster gauge panel
11.11.2021 | OnKar | News

Unlike other traditional automobiles, Tesla Tesla Model 3(2018-2021)/ Model Y(2021) entirely eliminates gauges in front of the driver while uses the main central screen instead. As a result, to check speed & other information occasionally, the driver has to move the sight off the road and look down to the center console screen, which is neither safe nor convenient.

As with any feature gap on an automobile, the aftermarket suppliers will always step in to supply what are missing, and so to help some Tesla Model 3/Model Y owners miss having a gauge display in the front, Astral developed a deeply customized instrument cluster screen (AST-TMY3) with an OEM look to match the Tesla interior’s design based on minimalistic aesthetic, after months of efforts.

Based on our common Pin-to-Pin design for Plug & Play, installation of this screen is never an issue for those keen on adding functionalities to their cars, though it’s a bit more involved than plugging in an USB cord.

The screen comes with a cable to plug in between the screen and a harness in the Model 3 / Model Y, intercepting CANBUS data in order to display data to the driver. To route signals from the footwell-located computer to the screen, cable is designed to be snaked under the dash panel.

With our own deeply customized & private mould for the mounting plastic bracket, the screen could be installed without any permanent damage to the original Tesla dash.

Graphic design also matches well with the Tesla visual style, with suitably high-resolution (1920*720 pixel) full-fit LCD helping to complete the effect. Meanwhile, the screen also has some added benefits of working with wireless Apple CarPlay apps (or wired Android Auto) like Waze, supporting steering wheel controls as an interface.

With this touchscreen instrument cluster Head-up Display (HUD) installed, not only could the driver check directly the speed and Mileage by looking straight ahead, but also a variety of other information for driving assistance, like Battery, Tire Pressure, Reminder indicators (including High/Low beam, Turning Signal, Fog, Light ON, Auto Hold, Seal Belt), Ready, Gear selection, Temp, Clock, safer & more convenient, and keep the best state on the way.